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It doesn't get more direct than this.

CrouchJump creates tools to help creators, influencers, streamers, businesses, and brands build a personalized, direct, and authentic relationship with their audience.

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Build your community

Build your community, not just an audience.

Focus on those who truly care about your brand and create an engaging connection with them.

Community vs Audience

An audience consumes content, a community engages with it.

Advantages of Community

Direct engagement creating a better brand relationship equals more growth and conversion of sales.

The best way to take control of YOUR brand.

Don't let your business or brand fall mercy to content dilution, social distractions, or an algorithm that you can't control!

Direct B2C Marketing

Leverage your social audience and exposure to drive them to your community, where you're in control.

Engagement and Exclusivity

Promote exclusive content, sponsorships, and promotions for your growing community.

Harness the power of advanced analytics

How does it work?

We’ve made it extremely simple to harness the power of your social audience and turn them into a thriving community.


Sign Up

Within a few moments, you can be a step closer to bringing your community to life. Simply sign up here.


Design Your Community

All that we need to get your community up and running is your logo, and a few colors and we will take care of the rest.


Start Creating!

With lots of unique blocks, you can easily build a page easily without any coding.

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We made this app to help solve your problems.

Push Notifications

Control your community's content by sending instant push notifications so nothing is missed.

Team Management

Communities are a team effort. Give others control to help manage and moderate.

Social Sharing

Convert your audience into community members by sharing community exclusive content.

Video Content

Better engage with your audience by creating and sharing video content that they are sure to enjoy.

Time Savings

Focus less on your audience and more on your community for better engagement and more monetization.

Monetization Opportunities

We are building tools to help you monetize your community.

1,749 remote teams have shared their experience with our app!


“OMG! I cannot believe that I have got a brand new landing page after getting Omega. It was super easy to edit and publish.”​

Isaac Olson​


“Simply the best. Better than all the rest. I’d recommend this product to beginners and advanced users who want success.”​

Barry Young​


“Must have book for all, who want to be Product Designer or Interaction Designer.”​

Esther Allison​

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$19/ mo

  • Upto 100 Team Members
  • 100 GB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited meeting time
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Premium Support

$99/ mo

  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited meeting time
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Premium Support

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